New wordfilters on /b/, /sewers/ and /trash/.

We now (if you haven’t noticed) have wordfilters on /b/, /sewers/ and /trash/. They can be switched off on /b/ with the flick of a switch (literally) if you’re trying to have an actual conversation.

Turning wordfilters off by using the switch in advanced options.

On /sewers/ and /trash/ you can’t turn em off though, cause those boards are for shitposting (/trash/ is more for actual shit).

Some of the replacements include “4chan” being replaced with “a regular pornsite” or “nigger” being “watermelon addict” (cause watermelon, haha get it).

Please refrain from spamming “test” or similar just to test the wordfilters. Its a wordfilter and it works just fine, you don’t need to test it for fucks sake, it annoys me.

If you want to suggest new replacements you can do so in this thread or in case you’re from the future and the thread is dead just make a suggestion on /sg/.