Windows 98 style

Windows 98 theme for frames.

This post is a bit late but in case you haven’t noticed yet, i build a Windows 98 style for frames.

Windows 98 style

I even built it so it has the whole boot thing included. If you are one of those guys who likes to open and close tabs rapidly and don’t feel like waiting for the whole darn thing to finish, you can press F12 and it’ll skip the boot thingy.

I also added the “Software Manager” which allows you to build your own “Programs” for TwootOS 98. You can install “Programs” from json files and a detailed Documentation is available in the (who would’ve guessed) “Documentation” app. There are also some built-in apps like Notepad for example.

I went ahead and made a tutorial aswell.

In the bottom right corner you will also find Clippy, who will say some random stuff every now and then. In case he is annoying to you, you can disable him by clicking the “Disable Clippy” button in the left sidebar.

No post is complete without a cat image.