/f/lash will live

22chan is now completely independent of adobe.

Hey there, been a while since i last posted. There have been some changes to 22chan’s /f/lash board.

With flash player reaching its EOL (end of life), many flash users are worried that there wont be anywhere where you can post flashes anymore. I’ve been discussing this with my mods aswell and we’ve found some alternatives.

22chan is now using ruffle to display flashes. Ruffle is a Flash Player emulator which also works on the web. This means you wont have to rely on adobe flash player anymore and can view any 22chan flash without having to install anything.

On the index page you still have the option to embed the flash normally.

The only downside ruffle brings is that it does not support ActionScript 3 yet. But that will hopefully come in the future. Ruffle is also compiled to WebAssembly, which means when you first use it, it will take a while and maybe hang for a bit but after that it should work flawlessly.

TL;DR: 22chan is now completely independent of adobe.

As always, here is a cat picture.